His Graduation

My brother Stephen GRADUATED!! I'm soo soo proud of him, we all are. AND with a first in Actuarial Science! I've been tooting his horn as if that pass is under my name! The weather was absolutely beautiful on the day and really served to emphasise the happiness I'm sure all families were feeling.

It really is in the small things of life. In my house, we are all more or less adults - the 'little' one is now 18 - so it's always really difficult to find a time that is convenient for all of us to congregate. But when those rare moments do come, such as at Steve's graduation, it really is always soo precious. There were smiles, laughter and the exhale of a long and stressful academic payoff. 

Congratulations Steve!

He looked down and saw my pose and decided to emulate. Unamused.
(L-R) Jake, Jon, Me, Steve

I'm going to do a separate post for my outfit; I don't want to steal his limelight! 

Congratulations to all other graduates of Summer 16!!



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