Hey Beauties :)

I've been away forever but I promise I have fabulous content coming your way. A lot has changed also since I last posted. Where do I start?

I've left New Look. That was a decision myself, my managers and probably God himself saw coming. I needed a change and all of my nearest and dearest had left; there were fragments left. I know a lot of you can relate to this: a job doesn't feel like a job if you love what you're doing and you love who you're doing it with. Those two components were missing towards the end. And I wanted a new challenge sparked by my rapidly growing interest in the beauty industry, more specifically make up.

I don't really know how it even started. I think I grew tired of having the same look for the same event: work, club, uni, job interview ... you name it, that loyal eyeliner, eyebrow pencil and lip balm took centre stage. I think it's also a thing of never underestimate the power of influence. All around me I could see my friends totally 'glowing' up exponentially and sometimes you just gotta help yourself; not everyday wait for puberty to kick in. LOL. So I took a leap of faith and ...

I now work at Estee Lauder. Crazy, I know. Especially as it's my first beauty role. I thought it'd be the same sort of routine as fashion retail, handing out CV's here and there but no ... far from it! It's so much more harder to put a foot into the beauty industry because most places require you to have had adequate beauty experience as a make-up artists. I didn't even trust putting make up on myself at the time, LOL. But at my interview, I think Estee Lauder could see I genuinely wanted to learn so even if you don't have the relevant experience, keep going and remain enthused!

I'll still blog about fashion, of course, but there will be a significant increased amount of beauty posts. Hopefully you're just as excited as I am. 

I am seriously trying to overcome my fear of being on too many modes of social media; however, I now have snapchat (em.i) where I'll be posting regular fashion and beauty posts on the go!!

Until the next one,


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