Marrakesh, Morocco - Day 4 & 5

Day 4 ...

was pretty much Bev's day = lying by the pool. She wanted to catch a tan (??? we're both dark skinned LOL) and chill out. I 'swam' a wee bit, dipped me head in the water and laid on a sun bed which was SUCH a foreign experience for me. It was interesting because usually when I'm on holiday, the worst thing I can do is be inside the hotel during the day. I really feel as if it's a waste of time and money - I'd rather be out  exploring the city or wherever I am. But in all fairness, it was cool to just ... be, not rushing anywhere, just ... relaxed but I probably would only do it in the future for 1-2 hours and then be out again!!

That evening

... we went up onto the terrace of our hotel which overlooked the spectacular views of Marrakesh - both during the day and at night.

McDonalds ...

was discovered within the heart of the New City. It was pretty weird because not far was the Old City which looked so traditional and was embedded in their culture and then the New City looked like everywhere else in the Western world, with Western shops to match! I decided against buying a bag in HM but settled on a 'Strawberry-something' in Starbucks because they had ran out of me usual Strawberries and Cream.

This was our first sighting of McDonalds, so it's a very special picture!!

Day 5 ...

was a travelling day. Throughout the whole trip I forgot the adapter to charge my camera so luckily it died on the flight back but I got some snaps before it did! We left blue skies and sun for a traditional welcome back to London - grey skies and rain. I was going to rant on about how RyanAir actually had to divert our flight to Stanstead where we were stranded on the plane for 2 hours with no adequate information about what was going on, but I've let go of that anger (haaa) and the memories have indeed outweighed that bad experience!

Overall it was such an amazing holiday and I'm glad we chose somewhere where we would experience another culture in another part of the world!



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