the one with the o2

Me and my brothers took the parents to the o2 for the first time! They were NOT impressed (LOL) and said it was mostly empty space - very fair comments and I honestly couldn't say otherwise. It was super cool having all of us in one place besides the usual settings because we are all soo busy and it's headache trying to co-ordinate dates ... even the little one has his own life which I struggle to actually get my head around.

We ate in Jimmy's; we didn't plan to but we all took a random pick of all the restaurants there - plus there are 6 of us so I for one definitely picked economically!! Me and my lazy self were OVERJOYED when we were given a table within close proximity to the buffet - winning! One thing I would say though is that the workers looked soo dead behind the eyes and gave the vibe they would rather be ANYWHERE else than where the universe had appointed them on that day at that time. That being said it was a super family day out!!

Why are all the pictures of me? Ermmmmmm, I have some of my brothers but I don't think they wanted me to put them up - booooooo! Plus as always, I had to practically beg them to lift a finger and take a couple of snaps - probably why I look sooooo pissed in all of these because they'd already tested me!!  They make me look 5ft tall anyway ... the 4 inches (+ 3/4 inches from the heels) they shave off actually makes a difference when you're standing around 6ft2+ giraffes - _

I've seriously been working on my basics lately so I can have a lot more fun playing around with colours (obviously towards the darker end of the colour spectrum) but I was feeling lazy - it was Sunday - so I went all black! I've always loved to go all black and then have a really colourful bag or shoe to just POP the look, hence my sandals! The flappy waterfall coat is me literally being a sheep and joining the movement (YAAAY) because I LOVE them; they really make outfits look soo classy; I have this black one and a really dark khaki I shall showcase here in due time :)

I haven't written in AAAAGES to ya'al but I hope you're all enjoying the weather in London - it never lasts so get out there!! But that's another thing, I'm soo reluctant to spend any money on summer clothes because summer here is literally 2 months if that and then it's traditional cold, rainy London the other 10 months. So it's not a worthwhile investment in the long run but y'gotta do what y'gotta do sometimes *as I fold the playsuit I bought from HM yesterday*




  1. Love the outfit ! The shoes are super chic !

    Giveaway, win a pair of Polette glasses !

  2. gorgeous!



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