Yesterday, mother and I ventured to Knightsbridge / Oxford Street. She only informed me of the first part of the journey, the second part was news to me and 'a fun day shopping' soon turned into a marathon but the banter with mother dearest is pure gold

Usually when I tell people I live in London they're like 'you're soo lucky, you can go to Oxford Street anytime you want,' but to tell you the truth I'm never up in London. Firstly it's soo faking expensive; a one day travelcard cost me £8.00 ... I remember when I was 12 and it was a quick £3 in the Newsagents. 


We went into Harvey Nichols and Harrods and I stood there looking at things I couldn't afford; note the use of a singular plural ... but I did get a top! LOL. From a place I've never entered before to shop for myself: M&S. It's a cute little crop top made of the FINEST quality; it will be styled accordingly. I'll post it tomorrow along with me other acquisitions.

My outfit was pretty boring, just all black and me new camel coat; I call it my 'Kim-K.' I think everyone knows the one I'm taking about; that gorgeous coat that just drapes off her shoulders soo effortlessly with the wind assisting its bossiness; I tracked down a replica and found it in H&M for £20 in the sale. This may be the first you've seen of it but it will be reoccurring! On a side note, my Clarks are tired, but desert boots just go with everything; DAMN the camera picks up on everything!

London Underground KnightsbridgeLondon Knightsbridge Harrods Shopping
London Knightsbridge Harrods Shopping
London Knightsbridge Harrods Shopping Red Bus H&M Camel Coat Like Kim Kardashian
London Knightsbridge Harrods Shopping Red Bus H&M Camel Coat Like Kim Kardashian

Oh and WELL DONE MUM! Remember the shaky pictures from Westfield last month; she has brushed up on her photographic skills!

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  1. I love your coat, I've been looking for a similar one for ages! x


  2. Really cool pictures !

  3. I went to London a few months ago and loved it!! Ahhhh seeing your photos makes me want to go back! Great post.


  4. thank you sarah :)
    and glad you loved london, it is one of a kind xxx


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