theWhitePepper's 2nd Birthday BASH!

You never know how much you use something until it's suddenly taken away and you become a useless entity. That sentence summarised the past 12 days for me; NO WIFI IN MY HOUSE! This just meant chaos and a whole lot of inconvenience for me ... and no blogging :(
So this post should have been up 12 days ago :'(  ...

I was privileged enough to be invited to the WhitePepper's 2nd Birthday BASH earlier this month! It was such a wonderful experience to meet other bloggers and generally just place one more foot inside the world of blogging/fashion! We got to see their new autumn/winter collection which is BLOODY awesome! If I had all the monies the world, their shoe collection would be in my house! I have a thing for chunky soles at the minute and their ones are hitting the nail on the head! 

If you don't know about theWHITEPEPPER, get to know them in their own words:

"THE WHITEPEPPER is an online brand based in East London, offering the latest street-style inspired designs in clothing and accessories for men and women.

We originally began back in 2011 on Tumblr, which quickly led to a boutique on ASOS Marketplace, and after great support from our fans, we opened our own online store,www.thewhitepepper.com  on our one year birthday!
Since then the brand has grown from strength to strength, becoming an international stop for unique design, style and inspiration. THE WHITEPEPPER is now stocked by ASOS.COM, Topshop Oxford Circus and Topshop.com, LASO.com and independent retailers all around the globe. 

Designed right here in our East London studio, THE WHITEPEPPER in-house design collections are original, eye-catching and easy-to-wear, for girls (and guys!) who stand out from the crowd. Our collections are topped up with unique vintage and indie designer pieces, sourced from all over the world. "

Here are my WhitePepper's ... GORGEOUS! GET YOURS!

My map reading skills would make the next man think I hadn't stepped FOOT inside an educative institution :'(

the new (I-wish-I-had-everything) collection NOW on their website!

can we ALL take a moment to appreciate the FIERCE soles on these boots?

now, me and these cupcakes soon became best friends! soo delicious!

I met these two beautiful bloggers, they were soo sweet to me ... be sure to check out their blogs:
Julie - RainingCake
Lin - Petite--me

 I was soo ridiculously happy about this cider; it tasted like juice. Perfect .. and dangerous :)

GOODYBAG! the best bit (besides from the food - I LOVE FOOD) is the bag itself. You keep your eye on this bag, it will make several comebacks on me blog :)



  1. looks like an awesome event! Love all their shoes <3 <3


  2. It sounds like a lot of fun! I love their shoes!
    - Charlotte


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