Hey guys! Hope you're all okay and are enjoying this unpredictable (warm when you leave your house but FFFREEZING when you're coming home) weather!

I have one word for you: STYLIGHT! I would definitely say this is aimed at the fashion conscious individual as in addition to expressing how you interpret fashion, you're also exposed to how other STYLIGHT users do the same! So it's fair to say you will never run short of inspiration especially with the STYLIGHTS Heart Feed! This is an online fashion community but so unlike any others I've used! How?
- easy log in which you can do via Facebook.
- straight forward set up (if there's anything I have learnt, it's that this should not be taken for granted; nothing worse than wanting to get started but there's a BIG barrier in the shape of endless questions blocking you!)
- use pictures from your own Instagram or from other users STYLIGHT mood boards
- use music, videos AND quotes to personalise your mood boards to reflect your own style
If you're not totally clear on what Mood Boards are, they're more or less collages of pictures or videos or texts which are used to express your mood! So in a way, just as I am communicating with you through words, you communicate through whichever media you are most comfortable with!

Even if what I'm telling you isn't appealing to you now, just have a play on it and please let me know how you get on (and don't forget to follow me) :) 


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