'Swimming in Style' with Motel

I am soo pleased to be taking part in my first Motel Challenge! I had to choose 1 piece of swimwear from the new collection and design a board around that particular piece which I will walk you through in this post!

My favourite swimwear from the collection is the:
Motel Amethyst One Shoulder Swimsuit in Black

This is my favourite piece because I love the asymmetric shoulder and mesh panelling. It's soo unique in its design and in my opinion commands as much attention as if you were wearing a bikini. The swimsuit also acts as a clever disguise to tuck in any wobbly bits and turns the most conscious parts of our bodies (the stomach for most, including me!) into the part we most want to show off! To sum this up, it's generally the most stylish and innovating swimsuit I have come across! Well done Motel!

I have teamed the swimsuit with a fluorescent flare tying in with this seasons' trend. As the swimsuit is black and I chose black JuJu Babe Heeled Jelly Shoes, I wanted to add some colour, namely fluorescent green in the form of accessories. The Zatchel Green Leather Barrel Bag is a perfect size to carry all of your essentials such as your iPod to elevate your sunbathing experience and a camera! The Neon Sunglasses can be found HERE!

I think I should win because my board truly summarises the concept of 'Swimming in Style.' The swimsuit alone epitomises this seasons mode of fashion which is perfectly complimented by the splash of colour in the form of fluorescent accessories. I have also thought ahead ... if it was to get cold, the Motel Louski Sheer Babydoll Dress in Black Mesh would be perfect to throw over; whilst keeping the cool winds out, your beautiful Motel Amethyst One Shoulder Swimsuit is still on display and working its magic turning heads!!

In addition to the barrel bag and jelly shoes which can be purchased at Motel, wait for it ... all these items can be bought with a special discount code!! Just type in 'lamodedemm' at the checkout and WHAALAH! ... 20% discount!!

So what are you waiting for? :) ...



  1. Nice look ! :)

  2. ah i love the things you picked..all the fabulous colours!

  3. Yay! Jelly shoes with a chunky heel. It's like a dream come true. It'll look great with some pops of neon. Plus, its a great shoe to bring to the beach while still looking fab and not worry about it getting ruined. Thanks!


  4. Great look! I love those neon stuffs!


  5. i love that swimsuit!

    from helen at thelovecatsinc | bloglovin'

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  6. Lovely! I hope you win the challenge <3

  7. Love that swimsuit! lovely!


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