Hey guys!! Hope you are all enjoying the gorgeous weather, it seems as if things are finally looking up for London as we are touching 30 degrees today :)
I'm especially happy about this as it's almost as if I am continuing my holiday. I went for a week to the beautiful Greek island of Malia, Crete where the weather, views, beaches and night-life was simply AMAZING! I know Malia has a bad reputation but it seriously all depends on the individual and knowing your limits. We stayed in Stalis which was a really family orientated holiday resort; ironic seeing as the neighbouring town is inhabited by wild teens, haa! We decided, as I think all teens do, with self catering; would I do that again? NO! Eating patterns slowly turned into not eating at all due to fatigue and the cooker was soo weird to work (I can cook in my defence!!) Had such an awesome time with my girls and I think it's safe to say we all kicked off our summers with style!! Here are a couple snaps from a memorable and unforgettable week for me:
Really cool display in Gatwick :) T-Shirt is my brothers from America; oversized and comfortable for a flight.

You can tell we were all trying to contain our excitement, haaa

First outfit of the holiday, this dress was from H&M and the flatforms are from River Island :)

naaaaats :)

naaaats :)

by the pool side with dan, nats and renaa

shades were a necessity as the sun was soo intense but we LOVED it; dee, nats and renaa :)

some of the views like this one were soo picturesque :)

incoming taxi but I was still posing; the things I do to get a shot!!

I lived in this dress. Just wore my bikini underneath and was good to go :) It's from H&M

Second to last night :'( with nats, renaa and dan :)

There are actually soo few pictures because as the week grew on and the partying progressed, our appearances became less than adequate to be captured; this was especially so after I visited a water park which was soo insane, one slide was completely vertical and I lost my stomach for a split second before I swallowed the pool's supply of water from screaming! Also, when you're trying to dance, a camera is such luggage, even water is immense baggage, haa :)
I will be uploading more pictures as naats also had a camera with more
moments frozen in time

This was my first holiday without my parents and I know asking for their permission to go away was such a struggle but seriously, it's such an amazing way to learn more about yourself, as corny as that sounds, and to have a feel for the maximum kind of independence that you can have from your parents. I spent a lot of the last night looking at a beautiful, clear sky dotted with stars, reflecting on my life so far, the privileges and opportunities I've had so far, the journey travelled and those yet to come ... UNI!

If any of you have been to Malia or anywhere else on holiday with friends, I'd love to hear about your experiences and swap stories :)


  1. cool pictures ! I like the looks !

  2. beautiful pictures and i like your outfit :) your blog is very lovely and interesting. im glad if you visit my blog, too <3 keep in touch!


  3. Amazing, nice blog.. x

  4. Awh looks like you had fun! :) those River Island flatforms are gorgeous!! xoxo


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