Liebster Award

YAAAAY!! I have received my second nomination for the Liebster award from Azemah from Zazaay; THANK YOU!!!  Please check out her wonderful blog :D 

Her questions?
1. If you could design your own iPhone/Blackberry case, what would it look like?
2. What are your top 5 holy grail beauty products?

3. Uggs: yay or nay?
4. What M&Ms colour best describes your personality?
5. One celebrity you would marry and why?
6. Is there a particular genre of music you dislike? Why?
7. Where would you like to settle down in the future?
8. Dream job?
9. Describe yourself in one word.
10. If there was to be a movie about your life, who would you choose to play you?
11. Name a food that you cannot live without.

My answers?
1. Hmm, it would be every colour of the rainbow in a tasteful fashion (if that's possible?!) in a very intricate pattern. unique :D
2. Tea Trice, Aveeno (this is a miracle in lotion form), Rimmel Eye Liner, Kate Lipstick .107, BLACK EYELINER (oh this, this is STAPLE), Ghost perfume
3. nay - I-I just don't see where these would fit in my collection
4. YELLOW - vibrant, warm, dare I say radiant? :D
5. A fusion of: Will Gardner/Josh Charles (he's just everything) Chris Tucker (his personality you just can't go wrong). Liam/Chris Hemsworth. Ryan Gosling. o-oh was I supposed to name only 1?!
6. No, I'm pretty open to anything :)
7. France! I just fell in love and I love the whole culture and way of life.
8. Realistic dream? Barrister. Dream DREAM? A MODEL, WHY NOT?!
9. Mixofeverything. :D - i know, i'm cheating.
10. RAVEN SYMONE! That's my GURL right there!!
11. Hmmmmmmm .... Chin Chin. A well know snack in Africa that makes me happy EVERY time!!

I know I'm breaking tradition but I'm really pressed for time with revision, upcoming exams and personal commitments so I haven't tagged others/made up my own questions! Hope you enjoyed these 11 facts about me nonetheless! :)



  1. Very cute! Lovely post!


  2. Awww thanks for doing the tag! Goodluck with exams, I'm stressing about mine ahhhh :( xxx


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