Wicked West End

I've come up with a new concept for my blog: Feature Friday!! This is basically if I've seen outfits during the week which I absolutely adore and want to share their style! I know it's not Friday today, but as I haven't blogged in ages, I'll do this one-off feature for today.

On Saturday I was out and about in Victoria to watch the musical 'Wicked' and I saw the most amazing outfits or accessories other girls were wearing! I couldn't get pictures of everyone but here are some of the lucky few I've decided to share!

These earrings were perfect the way Cecilia had chosen to style them; with her hair up and smoky make-up to compliment an elegant look consisting of greys and blacks. As she did not want her face to be shown, I can't show the entire look.

Top, Peacocks; High-waisted jeans, Internacionale, White Hi-Top Converses, models own.
I fell in love with this outfit. The integration of this season's berry and the tribal top is amazing. The leather jacket is also a staple in any woman's wardrobe; it just compliments any outfit and also adds a hard edge!!


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