Late Summer Chic

So I'm on work experience this whole week and today was 20 degrees +; a suit was really out of the question most especially a blazer.
I didn't want to wear the conventional black, white and grey shades associated with places of business, but instead opted for muted tones of grey, browns and blues
I decided on some tailored trousers by H+M, a casual yet smart blouse also from H+M and Cork Heels from Next.

Trousers, 12.99 H+M; Top 14.99 H+M;
I can explain why 2/3 of the pictures are of me crouching .. I wanted to show that the trousers aren't restrictive and you can get on with your lives in them! Also they're effortlessly stylish, I've rolled them up to create ankle grazers. More benefits? they don't dent your bank account. Although I did buy the top from H+M, this was about a year ago, so you may have to hunt it down on ebay.

Cork Heels, 14.99 Next.

I apologise before hand for those of you who HATE feet, but i just wanted to show how gorgeous these shoes are; my best bargain yet. And they're ridiculously comfortably for the size of the heel!

My advice? When going to work, don't always stick with the safe options but venture out a little and take a risk with colours, patterns and shapes :)



  1. Dude loving this blog <3 I always thought you was uber stylish and now your putting it to good use LOVE it :) x

  2. thank you SOO much,,means ALOT to me <3 <3


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